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Quit nail biting with our Cairngorm Corrective Programme

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The Correction Programme includes 5 Appointments over 9 Weeks for only £90.00

About Nail Biting

Nail biting its more than just a habit, it is a recognised, treatable condition called Onychophagia and is often brought on by stress and anxiety. This can then lead to lack of confidence and embarrassment about the appearance of hands and nails.

There are also a number of health problems associated with nail biting. Bacteria and germs are constantly passed back and forth between hand and mouth causing stomach problems, mouth infections and misalignment of the front teeth. Bacteria is also transferred into the broken skin around the nails causing painful infections which can lead to permanent nail damage.

This intensive programme of treatment is designed to give you the help and support you need to stop biting and grow beautiful natural nails.

Treatment Details

Appointment One: The treatment starts with an Exfoliating and Enriching manicure to soften and smooth dry hands and cuticles. A clear overlay of CND Brisa Lite Smoothing Gel is applied to add strength and protection to the nail plate. This soak off gel requires no buffing of the natural nail so no further damage is caused and nails are left looking healthy and shiny.
You will leave with an aftercare package including written aftercare advice, CND Solar oil and a nail file, so that you can care for you nails at home. This is an essential part of the programme and must be followed throughout to get the best results.

Appointment two: After 2 weeks the Smoothing Gel is removed and another Exfoliating & Enriching manicure is carried out. The Smoothing Gel is re-applied.

Appointment Three: 2 weeks later, The Smoothing Gel is removed and reapplied together with a CND Shellac colour of your choice.

After another 2 weeks (Week 7) The Smoothing Gel & Shellac is again removed and reapplied with Shellac.

The final appointment is not for a further 2 weeks (Week 9) where the Shellac is removed and a Mini Manicure is carried out and Shellac re- applied.

The total cost of the 9 week programme is one payment of £90
Or £30 for initial treatment then 4 payments of £15

Upon successful completion of the programme should you wish to carry on with further Shellac manicures, you will receive a 10% loyalty membership discount voucher.

Will power is needed to complete this programme and there may be days when you lapse, but we are here with lots of encouragement and support to help you along the way with any worries you may have.

Pictures will be taken to monitor progress.

Wishing you the best of luck and here’s to healthy, beautiful, natural nails.

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